I was born a painter, although I don’t know at what age I made my first strokes, with a worn-out pencil or staining my hands, still clumsy, with coloured crayons. In my earliest memories of myself, my passion for drawing and painting is present. My vocation has always been defined: “I am going to be a painter”.

And hooked to my passion like a drug addict to his dose, life has taken a thousand turns, but I have continued to paint, no matter what the motif or technique, experimenting with decorative murals, portraits or illustrations, charcoal drawings or oil paintings.

I am a native of Asturias, so my eyes soon got used to enjoying the natural beauty of the landscapes, the intense greens that you can almost smell, the bravura of the sea and the imposing serenity of the mountains. There I was lucky enough to learn, when I was still a child, from a master of landscape painting: César Pola, who was able to instil in me the fascination I feel for painting in the midst of nature.

Later I attended drawing and modelling classes at the School of Arts and Crafts in Oviedo, and as there was no Faculty of Fine Arts in my city, I graduated in Philology, so I could say that I am semi-autodidact.

My youth was spent amidst the toasted, yellow and sepia tones of the Almeria desert. There I painted murals, portraits of tourists, drawings and pictures of the arid landscapes of the area and of the people who offered to pose me. I have also drawn in Berlin or in Finland, in the Canary Islands or in Madrid… Wherever I have been, my strokes have always danced free, unstoppable…

Wherever I have been, my strokes have always danced free, unstoppable…

I have been living in Mallorca since 1991. Here I work as an illustrator and photographer for the magazine Missèr, published by the Balearic Bar Association. I have had the good fortune to be chosen to portray illustrious figures in the legal profession, and in 2001 the Royal Academy of Medicine commissioned a portrait of the King for its headquarters in Madrid.

I especially like and enjoy making illustrations, because legal or judicial subjects are very abstract and difficult to synthesise in a drawing, and that is a challenge for my creativity.

On this beautiful island I have had several exhibitions and worked on different projects that appealed to me, such as trompe l’oeil or murals, for private houses or hotels. In addition, my work has been awarded some prizes.

Although my painting is figurative, I don’t feel identified with any particular school or style. Perhaps the fact that I am self-taught has freed me from this classification. The free fluttering of those who express themselves with beauty always palpitates in my fingers, my gaze and my thoughts.