As far as I am considered I am a born painter. I do not remember exactly at what age i was drawing my first lines, but I do know that my vocation and my passion have always been defined.

“Addicted” to the beauty of this art, I have continued painting without concerning the motive or the technique: murals, portraits, illustrations, charcoal drawings, oil paintings…

I am originated from Asturias and, during my childhood there, I had the luck to learn of the great landscape painter César Pola. He was the one who transmited to me the ever lasting fascination of painting en plein air.

At the School of Arts and Offices of Oviedo (Escuela de Artes y Oficios de Oviedo) I received classes of drawing and sculpture. As there did not exist an Art Academy I graduated in Philology, so it can be said that I am semi-autodidactic.

During my youth I traveled a lot. I lived in places like Mojácar (Almería), Berlin, Canary Islands or Finland. Anywhere I went I left my tracks: murals, landscape paintings or portraits of anyone disposed to pose for me.

Since 1991 I live in Mallorca where I work as illustrator and photographer for the magazine Missér edited by the School of Lawyers of the Balearics (Colegio de Abogados de Baleares) – the difficulty of syntheses that suppose the legal topics always constitutes a challenge for my creativity.

I have had the fortune of being chosen to paint the portraits of illustrious members of the legal profession and the judicature, and the Real Medicine Academy (Real Academia de Medicina) intrusted me to paint a portrait of King Juan Carlos for their head office in Madrid.

On this beautiful island I have done several exhibitions and worked on different murals in private houses and hotels. Also I have been honored with some awards.

Although my painting is figurative I do not feel identified with any school or style in particular. Perhaps the fact of being autodidactic has liberated me of this classification.